1. we need quality control

  2. my bara-in-training child of the apocalypse! he likes eggs and all dishes egg related. there’ll be more of this nerd lord as i get closer to finishing up the story he’ll be in, so wwwATCH OUT

  3. buncha marine usopp’s

  4. ?????POTENTIAL AU iSHIMARU??????????

  5. they’re only beginning their trek 2 “hot dads” status, this is only the start

  6. doodle

  7. luffyshirou is possibly the worst person in the world to get a crush on


  8. askkyoukokirigirivoice:

    Based on this comic by candyartmiscreant

    Naegi: cruciothe3rd

    Kirigiri: askkyoukokirigirivoice (myself)

    You can also catch Naegi kun and I here Hosts Peak Academy

    Audio Art is from 손가락걸긔

  9. didney-worl-no-uta:

    Voiced my buddy’s comic HERE YOU GO


  10. the case …………….      is solved