1. rook. its is like 3 AM. chill.

  2. been drawin bird

  3. "This’ll just take a second."
    OV s5e49, Catfight

    i have the power to hack omniverse, to change ester, to save their design, to even make them taller than rook.

    the ability to bend reality to my will… to make it my own… should one man really have this much power?!

  4. more ester doofls ahahah…;;;

  5. ester is my alien girlfriend & i will hack into the system & give her some better writing

  6. old doodle done in my english textbook w/ hachiko & his sis

  7. just hangin w/ the alien bo

  8. he’s been gone for a week, but that wont stop ben from getting his daily dosage of Useless Earth Factoids

  9. misc alien schoobles

  10. late b-day gift to my pal straightishimaru… a request was put in for either ishimondo or nidaishi so i combined them to create the ultimate Bara Sandwich, i call it, nidaishimondo